Born in 1954 in Bellingham, Washington, Darrell Staples spent

much of his life living in the Puget Sound region of Western



His appreciation of and interest in the natural environment grew as he

explored the peaks, lakes, and streams of the Cascade and Olympic

mountain ranges of the Northwest.


As time passed, Darrell's always large curiosity began to turn to other

cultures, peoples, and environments around the world. He has been

privileged to persue this interest through extensive travel in the Middle East,

Western and Eastern Europe, Northern and Southern Africa, India, Nepal,

Tibet, South America, and Southest Asia.


Traveling has taught him that even with the haste and turmoil of life

there are always moments of great beauty, wonderment, awe, and serenity.

We need only to stop and look.


Darrell's photographs are each an attempt to capture these feelings

and observations. He hopes that he is able, in some measure, to convey

and share a sense of the texture and mood of those moments.


The year 2000 brought a relocation to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where

Darrell now resides with his wife, Joy. He continues to enjoy travel and

to find inspiration in the beauty of the world around us.


Santa Fe Photo Arts 2009

Santa Fe Photo Arts 2007  

Santa Fe Photo Arts 2005

Santa Fe Photo Arts 2003



All images have been captured on 35mm transparency or color

negative film and digitized using a Nikon 4000 film scanner.

Prints are then made on Premium Luster Photo Paper using an

Epson Stylus Pro 3800 inkjet printer.  All materials used in the

production of prints are of archival quality.